Worshipping the Goddess

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She is the Goddess,

She is the Mother,

She is the nurturer of life,

and cradler of this beautiful creation.


She is a warrior so fierce,

with weapons deadly and fearsome,

unleashing reign of terror in the hearts of the devils,

and liberating the world from the scourge of the evils.


With ten arms, each of strength of hundred lions,

she descends onto this earth,

riding on her fearsome lion,

vanquishing the evil demons.


Sometimes wearing a slight smile,

sometimes wrath of a warrior,

she is the manifestation

of female power and also motherly affection.


Mother, ‘O’ Mother,

we worship you,

with hearts full of regards for you,

ironically, we also disregard you.


We love you, Mother,

more than anybody,

as you imbibe us with energy,

to preserve in the society the synergy.


Alas ! so shameful of us,

so inhuman and merciless of us,

we hurt and humiliate you,

yet expect to be loved by you.


We kill you when you are too small,

When you are yet to see light of the day,

for we are blinded by an obsession,

which is taking us to our destruction.


The world you created, you nurtured

with love and affection so countless,

is now so heartless and thoughtless,

for they kill your forms when they are little and defenceless.


This Durga Puja, This Dusshera,

Let’s be true to ourselves,

Let’s kill the Devil within us,

with our devotion true to the Goddess,

with vow to respect and protect,

her beautiful little forms from utter neglect.


Subhrajyoti Parida is a graduate in Mechanical Engg. from Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Odisha and holds a Post Graduate degree in Industrial Engg. from National Institute of Industrial Engg. (NITIE), Mumbai, specializing in Supply Chain & Operations Management and is an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). Currently, he is employed in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and residing in Bangalore. He hails from the temple city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

When not managing a supply chain, he loves spending time in poetry, photography, traveling, and of course, spending quality time with his sweet wife & his family. Published poet of his solo anthology, ‘Bouquet-of feelings, emotions and thoughts’ from Dreamhouse Publications, Cuttack.

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