Wonderful Reasons to Start your Day with Anulom-Vilom Pranayama

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You all must be aware of anulom-vilom pranayama, and I am sure there are so many women out there who might have tried or have been practicing this pranayama in daily life.
But if you are among those who have yet not tried this pranayama, I am sure you would definitely start practicing this awesome Pranayama in your daily life, after knowing the benefits that actually do wonders to keep you all healthy and fit.
follow link So here are the benefits of this pranayama:
  • The first and the ultimate benefit of doing anulom-vulom pranayama regularly is that it helps you to feel relaxed, calm and stress-free, throughout the day. With its regular practice, you will feel more energetic all day long and it also helps you to remain positive in day-to-day life.
  • Our body has a unique constitution, as it is composed of vata, pitta and kapha also known as doshas or prakriti. If there is an imbalance in any of the three doshas then it leads to various illnesses. The regular practice of anulom-vilom helps in maintaining balance in the body’s three doshas and prevents illnesses.
  • In today’s lifestyle, it is very difficult to save oneself from toxins. We regularly ingest toxins from different sources that are present in our environment that do a lot of harm to our bodies. This pranayama helps to remove toxins from our bodies and brings back the balance.
  • By doing this pranayama you will be able to experience mental peace and tranquility because this pranayama helps in balancing the ida and pingala energy channels of our brain.
  • It enhances our ability to concentrate and contemplate effectively. It also helps you remain cheerful and blissful.
  • It helps in better digestion and boosts our immunity.
  • This pranayama helps to purify the blood and even the respiratory system.
  • It helps to cleanse the arterial blockages.
  • It is known that in our body there are 72,000 pranic energy channels or nadis, and if you practice anulom vilom daily, it will help to cleanse pranic channels also known as naadi shudhi by enabling the prana energy flow freely in our body thus it helps to supply the pranic energy to all the body organs and enhances our wellness. It cleanses and tones our whole nervous system.
  • With its regular practice, one can prevent hereditary diseases.
  • By doing this pranayama daily one can reduce weight and it helps to get rid of constipation and flatulence. It makes the skin healthy, beautiful and glowing.
  • It helps to relieve depression and stress and also relieves cervical pain.
  • It helps to improve eyesight, cures ear and eye diseases.
  • It also helps to cure all types of headaches, sinus, asthma, arthritis, and high blood pressure.
So overall the benefits of this pranayama are immense and if practiced regularly one can remain fit and healthy and prevent illnesses in life.

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