Why People like to call themselves “Women’s rights advocates” rather than Feminists

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A chit chat over coffee with a “self-proclaimed feminist” friend raised certain questions in my mind over this dangerous trend where women who hate men, vouch to be feminists. I wonder how women, who hate the male species, desperately want to be equal to them. Today there is much hullabaloo about feminism and the word is suffering from misinterpretation thanks to this bunch of misandrists who claim to be feminists. Because of the notoriety surrounding this word, an increasing number of advocates for women’s equality, prefer to call themselves ‘women’s rights advocates’ rather than ‘feminists’.

So when misandrists support feminism, their goals become different, as they may not just want to be equal but they want to be superior. It is this superiority which makes them want to reject men in totality.

For instance, a feminist may oppose a patriarchal system which gives special privileges to men as she advocates equality. But a misandrist would want to promote a matriarchal system in place of patriarchy, which goes against the very notion of feminism, which advocates equality and not superiority.

Feminism supports equality of men and women in its truest sense, but it seems that misandrists or ‘man-haters’ in the garb of feminists, have been secretly appointed to destroy men and this is not a hyperbole but reality!

Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist, had come up with the SCUM (Society for Cutting up Men) manifesto in 1967. Through her manifesto Valerie advocated elimination of the male sex! Pheewww! Obviously not all women who hate men go overboard like Valerie Solanas, but this increasing  number of women, do give a bad name to feminism.

Some women who have abusive and dominating men in the family or have witnessed a failed relationship of their parents believe that men are not good as they oppress women, do not help them and have it all easy in life. And so a man-hater may be friends with men, but she would also hate them. It is a complex love-hate relationship!

Anyhow, back to the topic of feminism, I feel that feminism should retain its original meaning, and should not be misquoted as many women over a period of time have been sweating it out for equality, which does cease to exist, even in modern day India. So for all women who want equality, I urge you to be a feminist in its truest sense and do not shy away from being called one!

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