Dr. Rachna Arora 

Psychologist & Co-Founder 

I am a Psychologist, author, writer, blogger, poet, happy wife and mother and have been actively involved in assisting women of all ages seeking solutions to psychological, relational and emotional problems. I am a co-author of the book Indian Women and the Shaadi Conundrum’ that helps women to effectively cope up with the pre and post marriage challenges and deal positively with all changes that come post marriage.

I hold M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Psychology. I started my career as a Psychology counsellor with an NGO and counselled clients for family and relationship issues. I have also worked as a counsellor with PGIMER, Chandigarh and was awarded the Best counsellor award from the State Aids Control Society, Chandigarh. Currently, I am based in Singapore and provide online professional counselling services to Indian women for various issues via email and Skype and also on www.healtheminds.com and www.thehappywomen.com.

I believe the greatest gift we can give to others is our time and I feel highly satisfied devoting my time for others. My passion for helping and empowering women blends with my profession very well. From my personal experience and learning, I have observed and witnessed that woman, once empowered in her thoughts, can live life confidently and with self-belief. I believe that there is no woman in the world who does not have any dream, wish or passion in life, but more often women give up their hopes and suppress desires and sacrifice their dreams due to many reasons. So I wish to inspire, motivate, encourage and ignite the desire in women to have wings of hope so that they can fly high and are never afraid to go in the direction of dreams.

I strongly feel that we all have the power to make our lives better and be happy. There is nothing in life that can imprison our happiness as it is very much in our control. I believe that every person has the capability to do something for others and has the power to make little difference in the life of others and make them smile.

I take life and every moment as it comes and goes with the flow. I do not believe in long term future planning as I feel that every breath we take is a gift of God and with every breath, we get an opportunity to live on this beautiful earth. I believe in being peaceful and happy in the present moment. We are mortal beings and one day will have to depart and this beautiful journey will cease. So one should make the most of every moment and enjoy life with gratitude.

“Life is uncertain as we are not sure about what is going to happen the very next moment, so we should cherish every moment of life as it is a blessing to enjoy and experience this human self on the journey called life.”

I am also passionate about music and singing and am a hardcore lover of reading and writing poetry. To me “Poetry is an expression of my soul and poetry is something that comes to me instantly and effortlessly.”  I love to jot down my feelings and emotions in the form of poetry and publish my Hindi and English poems on my blog.

My Vision

I have a vision where I see women are no more slaves of societal norms and are empowered enough to live a life of equality. To turn this vision into reality, I take initiatives to empower women in all the aspects of life by my actions, my writings and counselling services.

My message to all the Women

“Do not crave for approval and appreciation from others. Love yourself for who you are and respect your decisions as this is the key to Happiness.”

    Deepika Sharma 

  Editor & Co- Founder

I describe myself as a seeker who is not willing to add or subtract anything from life, but who yearns to know and to see everything the way it is. For the past few years I have been on a spiritual journey and for me gratitude is the way of life. I  count on my blessings and thank the almighty for giving me an opportunity to share and connect with you through our mutual endeavour thehappywomen.com.

I am an author, writer, blogger and someone who feels strongly about the issues that plague married urban women in India, as they struggle with family expectations and societal norms on one hand and their careers on the other. “I have forayed into book writing to help women have a happy and satisfied life, post marriage.”. My first book, Indian Women and the Shaadi Conundrum has hit the stores in 2016 and helps women in managing pre-wedding jitters and post wedding blues.

“In our society being a woman is tough, because everyone is so quick to judge and expects you to behave and act in a certain way, just because you are a woman. Often you may get disappointed when you find so many things around you unreasonable and illogical. It is at these times, that you need to realize that you do not have to become someone in order to fit in. The society cannot change by mindless compliance but by questions, logics and the courage to say No.”

A post graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, I am currently busy working on my second book. I have experimented with different genres of writing, including creative writing, instructional designing, content writing and copy writing. I am a published writer and write actively for blogs, online magazines and websites. I have a popular blog on relationships and spirituality which I am very passionate about.

I am an “eternal optimist” who always sees light at the end of the tunnel, come what may. I truly believe that nothing in life is a coincidence and every person that we meet and situations that we encounter are all there for a reason and the reason is to help us learn, grow and evolve. When I write, I feel an instant connection to the Highest Soul who is the source of love, happiness, peace and all the best things in the world.I am also an avid reader and still have the old fairy tales with me, which I loved to read, as a kid.

My message to all Women: 

“Freedom in the truest sense is the freedom from your own negative and disempowering thoughts. Once you overcome these, you get in sync with life, which is an expression of joy and beauty!”