Unlocking the 8 Spiritual Powers

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Spirituality has often become synonymous with an activity that people do when they are free. So during holidays, you go for meditation retreats, in the forests, away from the din and bustle of city life, and focus on the inner self. You make an attempt to connect with yourself and once the retreat gets over you are back to the life that you had before. As you rush through the morning chores, go to work, interact with people, come back home, cook, watch TV, chit-chat and go to sleep, spirituality takes a backseat. And after a few months when you feel stressed and exhausted, you look for a place to escape.

Spirituality is not an activity but a way of life. It is conscious living. Unlike any ‘ism’ which associates with itself a certain belief system, the aim of spirituality is not to bind you into a certain way of thinking but to rather release you from habitual thinking patterns. A spiritual person carries out the day to activities with a higher consciousness and with love and happiness. If you take out 20 minutes from your hectic schedule, to meditate; you would no longer feel the need to go away because you get to unlock your spiritual powers and when you realize that you are a powerful individual, someone who is unperturbed by the difficult situations and people, life becomes blissful. As you meditate on a regular basis you start unlocking your spiritual powers that are there deep within. According to Rajayoga, these eight spiritual powers are:

  1. The Power to Withdraw
  2. The Power to Pack Up
  3. The Power to Tolerate
  4. The Power to Accommodate
  5. The power to Discriminate
  6. The power to Judge
  7. The power to Face
  8. The power to Co-operate

When you learn which power to use when, you gain a greater control over your life, which is the very essence of spirituality.

Each spiritual power will be explained in detail in the next articles in this series.

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