The Heroes of all Nations

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Hide your shame

To emanate life

Is when women are put vital,

All their troubles Saddle

In every nation

Women bring love

And care for everyone

Mind you

We comfortably forget

That educating women

Makes them superior

Nation builders!

The pride of grooming

Our young mothers

Humbles their hearts


Raise strong foundation

In the forthcoming generation

I am proud of women

B’se they just fix in me

A total light of selflessness

Without mothers

The nation goes astray

In a bent twilight

That sinks forever

Let’s support women

For the betterment

Of today and tomorrow.


Wegolonyo Erick is a Ugandan student who loves to write poetry. He is also the founder of an association of writers in Uganda. His writings are primarily focused on bringing about transformation in the world.


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    This World Needs Everybody’s Help To Make It A Better Place

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