Dr. Rachna Arora

Co-Founder and Psychologist

Dr. Rachna Arora is an author, blogger, poet and psychologist. She provides online counselling to women of all ages. Her passion for helping and empowering women blends with her profession very well. She feels highly satisfied in helping women assert themselves and helps them understand their needs and preferences in life so that they become truly empowered. She is the co-author of the book, ‘Indian Women and the Shaadi Conundrum’ which is a self-help book for women to effectively cope up with the pre and post wedding challenges.


 Deepika Sharma

Co-Founder and Editor

Deepika Sharma is a writer, blogger and editor. Her writings have primarily been an attempt to empower modern Indian women as they juggle with family expectations, societal norms and their careers. She is the co-author of ‘Indian Women and the Shaadi Conundrum’ which is a self-help book aimed to guide women and help them tide over the pre and post wedding hulabaloo.


Deepthi  Krishnamurthy

Writer and Editor


Deepthi is a Freelance Writer and Editor from Bangalore. She started writing her first novel as a 9 year-old and quickly abandoned it. She hasn’t made any other attempts since then. For now, she likes taking long walks and writing short stories. She attended the Bangalore Writers Workshop recently and a fiction workshop at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis before that.


Vanita Arora


Vanita Arora likes to read, dance, travel and explore places. When free, she likes to cook, take photos and explore internet for various videos and articles. She is a commerce graduate and has done her masters in Journalism and mass communication. She has interned in McCann Erickson and has also worked as a trainee reporter in the Pioneer newspaper. She believes in partying hard and in enjoying life. She is based in Chandigarh and adores her city. Vanita is a great movie buff and likes to work for NGOs. On weekends she spends her time at home with family.