Declare Your Love for Him with These Fun Gifts

with 1 Comment   Be it his birthday or your wedding anniversary, every year you may fret over choosing the right gift for him. Gifts are an expression of love and the perfect way to say that you care, so choosing the right one is … Read More

Cheers to Our Friendship Dear Hubby

with No Comments On Karwachauth, my sister rang me up to ask what my plans were and I replied to her in a monosyllabic “Nothing!” She was the least surprised, because for the last three years that I have been married, I have … Read More

Tips that Help to Maintain Lifelong Friendship

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discount cialis australia     Relationships are an integral part of our life and the bonding we share with our friends is special in its own way. But sometimes it happens that our beautiful relationship with our friends dies out. The same relationship … Read More

6 Reasons Why you should Continue your Job after Marriage

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get online viagra prescription 25-year-old Nikita quit a promising career in advertising as she was getting married. She thought that she does not need a job as her hubby earns well and the future family does not want a working daughter-in-law. However after a … Read More

Why People like to call themselves “Women’s rights advocates” rather than Feminists

with No Comments A chit chat over coffee with a “self-proclaimed feminist” friend raised certain questions in my mind over this dangerous trend where women who hate men, vouch to be feminists. I wonder how women, who hate the male species, desperately want … Read More

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