Start the New Year by Saying Goodbye to Chaos

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Time to bid adieu to the year that was and welcome the year that is. However, as the year changes, it is also time to reflect on how you changed with it or did you? Are you still angry with a colleague who tried to outsmart you, or at your boss for his endless harangue or other people who hurt you? Pause for a moment and reflect. Who are the people whom you simply can’t stand and you truly hate?

Have you ever noticed that we are more attached to the people we hate? No I am not talking about the Bollywood cliché where ‘pyar me dosti or dushmani jayaz hai’ (everything is fair in love and war) but about being attached to people’s negativity and creating hurt because of their vices. You may dislike someone, for the way they talk, dress up or act, but disliking is a toned down version of hate. For instance you dislike this bugging friend who is a time waster and so you may find ways to ignore him.

However, when you truly hate someone, they are difficult to ignore. It is because their actions have affected you at a deeper level. These people are generally the people whom you interact with on a day-today basis and because their presence in your life is difficult to ignore, you end up creating more hurt.


When someone starts dictating how you feel, you have given the remote control of your life, in their hands. Another mindless act from them and you get all the more furious and ready to explode.

As the New Year beckons, make a resolve to keep your power with yourself and to not give it away to people who are not worthy of being important. Believe me, you are always responsible for how much importance you give to their behaviour and actions. No matter how difficult it may seem to Let Go, try it for your health and happiness.

My New Year message to you is to not get attached to hating someone, no matter how much they have wronged you, because it is simply not worth it. So say goodbye to all the anger, resentment and sadness and learn to ignore things and people which bring chaos!

Happy New Year!


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