Should I Fall in Love by Shradha Khanna | Book Review

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Should I Fall in Love is a breezy read which you can enjoy while travelling or when you are tucked in your bed on a weekend. It is the story of a fun-loving and cheerful Naina who loves jogging, especially when she needs to clear up her head and cherishes the company of her close friends. Naina’s world comes crashing down when Dhruv, her boyfriend of three years, ditches her. Naina collects the broken pieces of her life and moves to Mumbai to focus on her career. She works as an event manager and is strong, smart and a modern woman who loves her job but is yet vulnerable, when it comes to love. A failed relationship has made it difficult for her to trust anyone again. So Naina focuses on her job and is happy with her life when love comes knocking for the second time. She was not looking for love, but destiny had some other plans.

She meets Nihal, who is rich, handsome, witty and loving, basically everything that a woman looks for in a man, but Naina has her apprehensions. So will she be falling in love all over again or will she give Nihal a cold shoulder? This is something that the readers will unravel as they go through the book.

The writing is good and Shradha has a flair for writing an engaging and romantic story but the editing could have been better. Overall an interesting read which ends with a lovely poem.

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Plot- 3.5/5, Characters-3/5 , Theme- 3/5, Writing Style-3.5/5

Overall Rating- 3.5/5

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