Save the Girl Child

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A Little Girl

God sends life, for me too
But the mere greed of a son took it

I happily dwell in motherly heaven,
In a hope to see my goddess, my world,

But I couldn’t arrive,
The want of a son cut my flight,

How would the world survive, if I do not exist,
who will adore you, like a mother, sister and a beloved,

The world will be desolated, and will weep for love,
For a little girl, for a little girl.

By Ritesh kr. Singh 

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2 Responses

  1. Gaurav rishi
    | Reply

    Save the girl chil
    A little girl ;a fine poem
    Well expressed.
    Thanks Ritesh kr.singh for sharing with us .

  2. bunny
    | Reply

    very nice line
    well done ## ritesh kr. singh

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