Right to Childhood

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Often must have U seen,
A child cry and wean.
In the world so mean,
To help none is keen.

For a tender soul, why must happiness fade?
why must she nest such a pain?
Oh! eyes soared and body caned,
Amidst dark nights, in a shady lane.

Oh Man! Wake up.
Your conscience, you shake up.
Spread your arms and let the warmth flow,
Give that child a smile, a glow.

For she deserves it, every bit, every ounce
To be saved from sharks, ready to pounce.
Stand up not for him, but for us.
Let’s not forget, we were also child once.

When wanting to fly and raring to leap,
All cajoled in our mother’s keep.
Protected and blessed, we could dream,
and were held lovingly, if we did scream.

Then is it a lot to ask?
A happy smile and not a mask.
Dreamy and not teary eyes,
A gift of life and not a tag of price.

To the path of happiness and glee,
Oh please, let these children flee.
I promise, I will let them be.
Why not? I owe this to the child in me.


Ritu Wason is an erstwhile HR consultant, a designer by qualification and now a teacher by choice. She has found her purpose and passion in teaching. It gives her a sense of pride and fulfillment to make a positive difference to the lives of young children and help their nascent minds to evolve as better human beings.She likes to write sometimes and shares her thoughts. She finds writing to be very stimulating and it gives vent to her emotions and feelings. Her family is of utmost importance to her. Her husband and  two sons aged 16 and 8 are her pools of strength from where she draws her happiness and all the  energy from. Ritu believes that women are great multi-taskers and it is in their intrinsic nature to juggle work and home. All the positive vibe and work around, keeps her going.

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