We the co-founders of The Happy Women have been friends for the last 12 years. Rachna was a counselling psychologist and I was a sophomore, when we stayed at the same hostel in Chandigarh. Both of us are the “go to” people when our friends and family need advice, as we love to help people. Also, both of us feel strongly about unhappiness and helplessness among married women around us.

In India, very often relationship issues are swept under the carpet in the name of post marriage adjustments. As a result, there are so many silent sufferers who are utterly disappointed with life and don’t know what to do, as everyone around seems to justify all the emotional problems which are “quite common after marriage”. This cause has been a subject in so many conversations that we have had over a period of time and is something that is close to our hearts.

Let’s rewind the clock and take you to the summer of 2014 when thehappywomen.com happened. Both of us were then working on our book titled Indian Women and the Shaadi Conundrum that has been published in 2016. We used to have long telephonic conversations at that time as Rachna is based in Singapore and I am in India and writing a book seemed tough initially, given the distance between us, but we considered ourselves lucky to be born in times of ultra-modern technology and we owe a sincere thanks to the makers of Whatsapp, Skype and Viber for making things happen!

So one fine day as we were busy discussing the book, we came up with an idea, to inspire and motivate women through a broader platform where we could uplift and encourage them to take charge of their life so that they can live happily. Through this platform we also provide counselling services to women to help them with their psychological, emotional and relational problems.

Very often the women around us, our sisters, friends and mothers continue to be unhappy and are devoid of a feeling of accomplishment, even though they work hard all their lives. They continue to be sad and the reasons are many. Someone finds it difficult to manage work and home while someone is upset over a dress that does not fit, someone has issues with in-laws while someone is bothered about the baby’s care. Amongst this daily grind, happiness has completely taken a backseat and many women have turned into tired, miserable and whiny creatures, who do not bear any semblance to the carefree, lively and happy women that they were before marriage.

This is when we decided to come up with thehappywomen.com, which is our endeavour to help women stay happy in their lives. We want to assist women in managing their lives better and bring about an awareness that they are not alone in their day-to-day struggles, but we are there to help, motivate and guide. We truly believe that little steps taken in the right direction can bring about a change for the better which will eventually lead to a more satisfied and happy life!