This is an Online Counselling Agreement 

Please review the Agreement to make an Informed decision. 

It is an agreement between you and your counsellor at The Happy Women.

As a client of the Counsellor at, I recognize that online counselling is technical in nature and that there may be issues with Internet connectivity, which is the fault of neither the online counsellor at nor me. Issues like server maintenance and upgrades disrupt the Internet connectivity. There may be other problems (software or hardware malfunction) or natural or man-made disasters (such as terrorist acts, Internet viruses, and so forth). These types of problems are beyond the control of the Counsellor at and me (Client). In the event of any such happenings, any scheduled appointments via Skype would be re-scheduled by my online counsellor at no additional cost to me (client). In case of single email counselling I understand that the counsellor will reply within 1 or 2 days time.

I understand that I must be at least 18 years of age to avail online counselling service by the Counsellor at

As a client of the Counsellor at, I declare that I am free of any suicidal thoughts. I also understand that the Counsellor at may be required to breach confidentiality to make appropriate legal notifications. The legal process requires disclosure if my online counsellor reasonably believes that I am involved in child abuse (physical or sexual) or neglect or if I intend to harm myself or present a serious danger serious threat to another person or if I am involved in any criminal activity.

I understand that all the online counselling sessions via SKYPE or EMAIL are pre-paid on which the Counsellor at and I agree upon. I understand that during the process of online counselling I may experience discomfort as difficult issues are addressed and worked through. This is an often times necessary part of online counselling, even though it does not guarantee resolution of any kind or assure success of online counselling, either explicit or implied. This includes limitation or restriction, of any guarantee, for information, online counselling, uninterrupted access, and other services provided through

Sometimes counselling may take a while to be of help/benefit to the client. There is, however, no guarantee as to the outcomes of these services as counselling depends on various factors. In addition, as a client of the Counsellor at, I have the right to end services at any point in time for any reason, without prior notification or explanation to the Counsellor. (Although a note explaining any decision to stop services would be greatly appreciated).

I understand that I am responsible for ensuring confidentiality with my own computer systems or any other device by making sure to log out of my email account or Skype account from my computer or any other device I use to avail counselling services and never reveal my passwords to anyone. I will never leave my computer or any other device unattended while I’m signed in for session. I will clear my browsing history and delete the cookies after the session.

Lastly, although the Counsellor at has taken a significant number of steps to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of online communication(s) between me and her, these actions, in whole or in part, cannot guarantee the security of Internet transmissions. I permanently agree to release and indemnify the counsellor at from all suits, claims, and other originating from psychological counselling provided by the Counsellor at