Do not Underestimate the Strength that You Carry Within, says author Vibha Nasheen

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Vibha is a poet, author and blogger who writes under the pseudonym “Nasheen”.She is the author of the novels, “Falling in Love with Life…Once Again” and “No Longer Caged”. Vibha loves to write in English, Hindi and Urdu and apart from novels, her works include poetry, prose and articles for blogs. She also likes to inspire people through her writing and motivational talks.An MBA in marketing management, Vibha is currently working as a regulatory professional in a leading telecom company.


What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

Language is a mode of communication – a way of expression. It won’t be inappropriate to say that the need to express oneself has become an unavoidable requisite nowadays. So, if you observe carefully, the use of chat messengers, social media has become popular, just because people wish to express their feelings to others.
My experience of writing was similar. At a very early age, I faced tremendous ups and downs and setbacks in life. By grace of God, it eventually made me a very strong person. Thereafter I decided that I won’t let these learnings go waste and in an effort to convey my learning from those experiences, to the society, I decided to jot them down on paper. Thus happened my first book, “Falling in love with life…once again!!”. Followed by the book was my motivational prose on WhatsApp and Facebook under the heading “Remain Victorious”. Language empowers my thoughts and I feel uncaged in expressing my feelings while writing.

What inspires you to write?

I’ll be candid in saying this – “The sight of a blank paper”. We all wish to express the ongoing of our heart. The best medium is to talk. Unfortunately, we do not find many people who like to listen. There are time constraints and practical difficulties in this busy world. In such an environment, I found my love of expression to a piece of paper. I found it listening to me. I found it welcoming my feelings over it.

Tell us something about your second book “No Longer Caged”.

“No Longer Caged” is story of Nakul, a child with special needs who stammers and faces constant humiliation as he grows up. In the book, the protagonist reflects on the events from his past when he was imprisoned, basis of a false accusation of murder. After being released he travels back to his village and while travelling the thoughts of yesteryear bring with it the memories of childhood, wherein his confidence is crippled due to his disability.
For an emotionally captive bird like Nakul, Rishabh, his childhood friend adds the much needed wings of courage. Nonetheless, if a bird is caged for too long, it begins to doubt its wings and its ability to fly. That’s when it needs a push, a little jerk on the cage gives it the necessary impetus. Eventually Rishabh discovers a talent in Nakul which he believes is an exceptional stimulus for him to break free of the cage of inferiority and humiliation that he had suffered since childhood.
“No Longer Caged” oscillates through the scenes of an unconditional love of a mother, a matchless bonding of a friend and a simplistic yet soulful connect of love. It’s a beautiful saga of embracing one’s actual worth as a human being – liberated, unrestricted and not subjected to the beliefs of the world.

What is your writing process like? What are the bits you enjoy the most about writing and what do you find the hardest?

There is no defined process to my writing. Over the time, I notice a unique phenomenon in my mind, much before I pen down things. It’s like a happening or thing that is so miniscule in nature, yet so gigantic in expression that would suddenly catch my attention and leave an impression over my mind and I will be forced to write. It’s a complete heavenly experience and at times so difficult for me to understand. I would get up in the middle of night to write. I would write while travelling and at times I would leave the other important things, just to write.
The usual on going things of life are what I find easy to describe. On the other hand, it’s the deep felt emotions of human heart that I find difficult to pen down. To segregate it’s the material world vs. the soulful world.

If you could tell your younger writing self-anything, what would it be?

Focus more on the content of the writing. You need to have a quality in the expressions. Keep it simple, and in a language that is understood by people. Keep yourself in the reader’s place when you write. Think it from the perspective of the reader. Avoid jargon. Make your writing felt rather than being read.

What would be your advice to other women starting off on their writing journey?

Keep up your passion for writing strong; strong enough to keep you going. Don’t let yourself be confined to the standards of world. The world and at times even the inner self of yours will present you with excuses – you are too old, you are too young, you have other responsibilities, you do not have time, etc. etc. My advice to you is to not pay heed to all these. Fulfilling your passion is the way to live each second of your life. Live your moments. Take out time for your own self. If need be get up in the middle of night, sacrifice your sleep, forego your comfort level, but never let the fire of your passion cease.

Tell us about your other projects. What’s next?

I plan to finish off my book in Hindi that was left half written. I foresee myself talking a lot this year, as has been indicated to me by heaven. It’s going to be a “Year of Talk” to me. I am going to indulge more on the front of addressing students and women in the coming year. Besides this, I look forward to indulging myself in a few more things which are currently in conceptualization stage.

How can the readers know more about you and your work?

My work is currently over my Facebook page and my blog I write under the pen name of “Nasheen”. I love to write short poems, prose and shayari. I was a contributing writer in the “A Black Rose” Campaign led by Stop Acid Attacks and “Rajsatta Post” – a daily publication in Muzaffarnagar, UP. Apart from writing, I relish my time motivating people through my write ups and talks. My motivational write ups, under the tag line “Remain Victorious” is an all-time favorite for many on Facebook.

What is your message to the readers of

The happy women – the name itself brings a joyful smile on my lips. My message to the readers of is

Do not ever underestimate the strength that you carry within. You are beautifully created by God, who has the power to create or destroy at the same time. You have the ability to do what your heart determines to do. So believe in yourself and stay strong always. Much love to you all.

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