Declare Your Love for Him with These Fun Gifts

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Be it his birthday or your wedding anniversary, every year you may fret over choosing the right gift for him. Gifts are an expression of love and the perfect way to say that you care, so choosing the right one is an important decision.Ladies you don’t have to worry anymore, as we provide you some awesome ideas,to make him feel special.

Here are ten gifting ideas for your husband:-

1. Apparel

Be on the lookout for the perfect shirt if you know which brand he loves and the kind of shirts he wears. Surprising him with a new suit would also be a good idea. If your husband loves to wear ties and cufflinks, then going for one is also a nice option. If he is into some kind of sport like golf, then you can also gift him the kind of golf apparel he prefers or even a new set of clubs. Giving him a new leather belt for that matter will definitely be liked by your better half because upgrades in the clothing and

accessories department are always appreciated.

2.Electronics and Technology

If yours is a tech savvy husband, then there exists a universe of technology related gifting options for you. If you think that your husband has been avoiding a mobile phone upgrade for too long then do not hesitate to gift him one. You must keep an eye out for his recent favorites in this department. Besides mobile phones, tablet PCs are also a good option. Also surf the internet for other quirky accessories related to the devices he already owns.

3.For the Alcohol Lovers

If your husband loves to savor a drink or two, then you can gift him a bar set so that he can make his drink with more ease, or you can even gift him a set of any kind of glasses – for shots, martinis, wine, beer mugs or scotch/whiskey.


A watch will add another dimension and suave to your husband’s personality. Do not hesitate to invest in a good watch preferably analog. Digital watches do not have the same ring to them as the analog ones.

5.Grooming kit

It will contain the bare essentials which cater to the needs of your husband’s personal care. There are quite a few available in the market but if you do not want to go for a pre-packaged kit, you can create your own since you already know what products he uses. Buy or order things like an electric shaver or other hair electric grooming accessories. Apart from that, you can add to it shower gels, face packs, scrubs and moisturizers.


If your husband makes it a point to always smell good then gifting him the perfect fragrance can turn into a romantic affair if you approach it with love, because most of the time getting a perfume as a gift is considered to be a convenient option and not an emotional one. Choose the one you definitely know he will find absolutely irresistible.

7.Tickets to an Event

Is your husband a cricket fan, a theater lover or a music buff? You can get him tickets to the concert of the band he likes or a play he’s talking about for a very long time and even give him the opportunity to see his favorite cricket players batting it out on the field. You could never go wrong with this one!


Enthusiast or a non-enthusiast, a camera will let you preserve the memories you share together. Giving a camera as a gift might not feel like a romantic option, but it indeed is.

9.Gift Certificates

When you feel you are unsure about getting something for your husband, the best thing to do is to get him a gift voucher of the store he absolutely loves.

10.Take him on a Vacation

You know that you both need some time to relax and rejuvenate yourselves. To take him on a surprise vacation you need to plan months ahead so that you get ample amount of time to work out the travelling expenses.

Gifts are a way of sharing memories and they play an important part in strengthening relationships. Giving your significant other a unique gift every year is a great way to appreciate him and to celebrate the years gone by.

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