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Every year there is hulabaloo around Women’s day on whether we should celebrate it or give it a miss. Your emails are flooded with umpteen messages and so are Facebook and Twitter, asking you to buy something or avail some service and get a huge discount, because your special day is coming close. Some nudge you politely while the others warn you to jump on the bandwagon or else you will be left far behind. Social media is flooded with discussions on whether we should be celebrating a special day for women. Some claim to believe in gender neutrality and so hate the very idea of taking a day out just to reiterate that women are important and womanhood deserves a celebration. A few people I know, do not mind an occasional discount no matter what day it is and there is this uncle of mine who breaks into a vicious harangue every year on days like these, making us understand how these days are just marketing gimmicks which are the result of Western influx.Then there are people like me who believe that Women’s day deserves a whole-hearted celebration!

Till the time women get equal opportunities at workplace and are treated equal at home, an occasion to celebrate womanhood doesn’t hurt anyone. Yes there are all evil things happening to women in our society and celebrating women just for a day wouldn’t help the cause, but an eternal optimist that I am, I see opportunities everywhere. Taking the liberty to sound didactic, why not take it as an opportunity to do something positive this day. Leaving a comment on someone’s wall or sharing Women’s day quotes, does help in spreading a positive vibe, but sorry it doesn’t count as doing something for bringing about a change. Why not we take Women’s day as an opportunity to contribute something for the betterment of women and you need not go to your nearest NGO for doing this, what about starting from home. What about taking this opportunity to thank women in your life, for instance your maid who helps you in managing the household or your mother or daughter not for being an epitome of sacrifice, but for being what they are. How about congratulating a fellow colleague for her help? How about taking time out to talk to a woman who is struggling with personal issues? And yes if you feel strongly about women’s issues, how about volunteering for organizations which deal with the issues of sexual exploitation, domestic violence and other serious issues that need attention.

Society reflects the collective consciousness of the people that it comprises. If each individual does his or her bit for bringing about a positive change, then the mass consciousness becomes positive and consequently the world becomes a better place. So how about trying to step out from our limitations for a day, (I agree all of us are busy and do not have much time but let’s try) and doing something to make a woman smile. Wish you all a very happy Women’s day!

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  1. Deepthi
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    Wonderful thought Deepika!

  2. The Happy Women
    The Happy Women
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    Thanks dear 🙂

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