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A Company Secretary by profession, Shefali Tandon successfully juggles between work, home and her passion for writing. An ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha, she attributes all the good things in life to him and believes in living each moment to the hilt. Apart from writing, she also enjoys reading voraciously, dancing, singing and travelling and dreams to travel across the globe, one day.


how much does generic viagra cost Tell us about the first time you thought about becoming a writer or any other significant event that shaped you as a writer.

I had a flair for writing since my childhood. Earlier I used to write poetry and short stories and maintain them in a diary. This idea of writing a novel came to me a few months back. Since I am an avid reader, books inspire me a lot. I wanted to come up with my full-fledged novel someday. Reading day-in and day-out, helped me to strengthen my decision.

What inspires you to write?

Books and only books. As a reader, I always had that habit of penning down my thoughts, whether good or bad, as and when they captured my mind. Gradually, these were turned into a story, for which I felt the need to be put it in words. My debut novel ‘Imperfectly Messed Up’ is based on such real life incidences and my own perception about things.

What drove you to romance? Which are your favorite books in the genre?

Love-I guess that would be the correct term. According to me, it is the most beautiful thing on this planet. I, myself have been into it and all I can say is that it is a bond that can promptly connect you with anyone.

2 States by Chetan Bhagat, I Too had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh and That Kiss in the Rain by Novoneel Chakraborty are some of the books that I have enjoyed reading time and again.

What is your writing process like? What are the bits you enjoy the most about writing and what do you find the hardest?

I write, when I feel like writing. I cannot scribble something all the time. According to me, writing is at its best when your mind and heart are both in it.

The best part is that you are free to write whatever you feel like. I can mould the characters, the way I want to. But the toughest part is to connect your readers to the sentiments of your characters, to such extent that they can relate to them.

Tell us about your experience while writing and publishing ‘Imperfectly messed up’.

As I already had the complete story in my mind, I was determined to bring out this book. The only issues that I guess I faced while writing ‘Imperfectly Messed Up!’ were related to time management. I am a Company Secretary, by profession and being a working woman, I had many other responsibilities to face. Therefore, that was a major issue. Apart from that, everything went smooth.

Yes, publishing the book was a tough task. As I am the only one in this field from my entire family, none of my people had a clue about the book publishing thing! I had to struggle a lot to find the right publisher for my book. As the book is a debut, the benchmark for the right kind of publisher were also high.

 What would be your advice to other women starting off on their writing journey?

The best advice that I can offer them is to have patience. Writing industry is a slow moving industry so it takes time for your work to get rewarded. If you have that potential, you will surely be recognized. And yes, like the other industries, this industry too has all kinds of people. So do not rush into something and think twice before trusting any one.

Tell us about your other projects. What’s next?

After this book, I am planning to come up with another book in this genre. The title is yet to be decided. All I can say as of now is that like this one, the next one will also captivate young hearts and keep the readers hooked up till the end.

How can the readers know more about you and your work?

You can connect with me on Facebook as well as on gmail. I am there on Facebook as Shefali Manas Tandon and my mail id is csshefali.kapoor@gmail.com. Apart from this you can also tune in for latest updates regarding my current book on our Facebook page- Imperfectly Messed Up.


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Deepika Sharma is the co-founder and editor of thehappywomen.com. She is an author, blogger and someone who feels strongly about the issues that plague married urban women in India, as they struggle with family expectations and societal norms on one hand and their careers on the other. She is the co-author of the book, ​​'Indian Women and the Shaadi Conundrum' which is a self-help book aimed to guide women and help them tide over the pre and post wedding hulabaloo.

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